MMJSearch offers:

Safe, Local and Legal Access for Patients

Speedy Delivery or Pick Up Options

Live inventory Access of local Menus

Ability to submit all paperwork for membership ahead of time for verification

MMJSearch is an ALL-IN-ONE Dispensary and Delivery Management solution. Joining the MMJSearch network of providers will allow you to benefit from services that will optimize, market, and grow your business. Territories are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. Call 1-858-227-4964 to check availability in your area.

All providers must meet their states legal requirements and agree to a compliance review.

Members of the MMJSearch network have premier access to the following: Dispensary/Collective Management Software
Our proprietary cloud based Dispensary/Collective Management software has been custom developed to manage all aspects of inventory, online and offline sales, accounting, human resources and much, much more.Manage your collective from any computer!

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MMJSearch Support
Stop juggling telephones and dispatching drivers while trying to manage your collective properly! Utilize our electronic ordering system center to:
• Assist with Member Registrations & Verifications
• Take orders
• Dispatch drivers
• Dispensary assistant duties, like re-ordering supplies, contacting vendors and much, much more!

Automated Dispatch and Delivery System
When an order is placed, your dispensary will receive immediate e-mail notification as well as SMS text message notifications sent to your active delivery drivers and any other recipients desired.

MMJ Search Design Studio
We will connect you directly with our designers to create the right image for your dispensary, including logos and branding, print materials for marketing, packaging and more. We want you to look as good as we do!

Your account representative will be able to:
• Identify online and offline marketing opportunities
• Analyze your competition
• Create brand positioning strategy
• Help create or redevelop your brand identity
• Design, launch, track and analyze advertising campaigns

Weed Cab Design Studio
We will connect you directly with our designers to create the right image for your dispensary, including logos and branding, print materials for marketing, packaging and more. We want you to look as good as we do!

Feature List
Cloud-Based Dispensary/Collective Management Software

Create profiles for Patients, Doctors and Caregivers
• Manage EVERYONE in one system!
• Monitor recommendation expiration dates
• Easily confirm verifications
• Monitor all transactions per patient or caregiver

Manage Point of Sale
• Designed specifically for the Medical Marijuana Industry
• Dispensary or delivery models
• Seamlessly Integrates your menu. No need to update online menus anymore!
• Records all transactions for individual patients
• Complete monitoring of all inventory, financial, and patient transactions
• Allows for the transparency of your business to the required authorities

Control Inventory
• Manage all types of inventory: products, services, subscriptions or a combination of each
• Supports multiple locations or warehouses
• Real-time inventory control
• Manage thousands of products

Online Store
• Manage your delivery AND internet donation models
• Manage all web site content and menu
• Members can schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries, and pay in advance.
• Strategic marketing capabilities through Newsletters, web/email marketing and more
• Real-time Inventory data control
• Private member access
• Access to Weed Cab Rewards
• Bulk content drop in and system wide changes
• Customized shopping cart capabilities
• Custom website integrated with Weed Cab


Manage Vendors
• Profiles manage information
• Consignment abilities
• Paperless vendor communications
• Purchase Order and Invoicing functionalities

Track Accounts and Financial
• Balance Sheet
• Profit/Loss
• Trial balance
• Cash Flow
• Payment Reports

Store Documents (Paperless)
• Securely store all your company documents
• Remote and Secure back-up

Manage Your Employees
• Project Management Tool
• Time Off and Vacation Tracking with Request System
• Real-time employee Time Clock
• Mandatory employee information tracking

Do all of this SECURELY
• SAS-70 Type II Certified Data Center
• 4096 Bit Encryption
• On-Site Security Experts monitor and update
security protocols 24/7/365

Have Technical Support
• Assigned business expert attached to your
• Live training courses to get you started quickly
• Seamless Integration of current data
• Integrated support team available 24/7/365

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